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From spending time with family and friends to taking on a new hobby, retirement should be spent doing the things you love — not worrying about income. With New Horizon, we’ll help make every future moment memorable by helping you plan and prepare to make your retirement income last.


Your assets help fuel your retirement — from travel and hobbies to supporting your grandkids. That’s why we use strategies to help reduce taxes on what you’ve earned to give you more fuel for the future.


Diversify, protect, and prepare with annuities. These products are designed to help you avoid the downside risks of directly investing in the market, while still providing interest. Plus, you’ll have added peace of mind that you can choose to have a lifetime of retirement income.


Life doesn’t happen according to plan. With the right life insurance policy, you can be prepared for every bump in the road of retirement — both for you and your family. Life insurance helps you expect the unexpected, while still enjoying every moment life offers.


Long-term care may not be the first thing on your retirement preparation list, but having a long-term care plan can help you enjoy the best parts of your retirement with added peace of mind. With a suitable long-term care plan, you won’t have to worry about eating into your retirement savings if a health crisis arises.


Taxes — one of the surest things in life. But taxes don’t have to eat away your retirement savings. With tax reduction strategies and life insurance, we can help free you from retirement tax burdens so you keep more of your hard-earned money.